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Re: Dudjom Tersar Ngondro Accumilation Question
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GoGet whether you're right or wrong doesn't concern me.  As a Dharma practioner you seem very angry and instead of shining bright with the light of Dharma you seem so retaliatory against others.  I shall abide by the principle 'do I want to be right, or do I want to be happy?'.  When we correct our Dharma brother and sisters we should do it with compassion and not out of spite  or anger.   Be more joyful, accept apologies, and be happy!!  If I've broken my samayas I will apply the antidote.  Please, based on my past experiences, remember the intellectual knowledge of the Dharma is useless until it becomes wisdom out of experience.   

Om Mani Padmi Hung

Ditto, I'm a very happy, satisfied person, but unfortunately the internet isn't the easiest place to express this, I think you're on to something that there may be some very unhappy people out there, that have trouble expressing love and compassion, and its A VERY BAD EXAMPLE TO SET FOR  OTHER BUDDHISTS AND NEWCOMERS

I got the exact same rude welcome form the exact same people when I joined this forum, john, and I think we need to make people realize no ones going to think you know anything about buddhism if your rude, angry, quick to judge, and antagonistic, these are not symptoms of someone progressed along the Path.

I know Ive been just as rude as the next guy, but I've only been rude to these people that are rude to everyone, now I see they have made their problem, my problem, so I for one have entered the free sangha anger management courses, and I can recommend them highly to a lot of members, this isn't a me problem with anger etc, its a WE problem. And unless We get this problem under control, I think fresangha is going to have a net negative effect on teaching new buddhists about Dharma, because on the whole we're not teaching Dhamma, we're teaching false Dhamma, supremely unenlightend members trying to teach us how to become enlightened, the blind leading the blind, so to speak. enuf said
to me, the signs of a successful practice are happiness and a cessation of suffering, buddhism often gives me this; not all the answers.


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