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Title: A creative gift under common creative license! Free, Free!
Post by: Hanzze on July 01, 2013, 05:18:51 am
The new, fantastic refuge in licenses and right have now caused the final recovering of the truth of "right view". Long time it was hidden, but now, Dhamma is open to common creativity for all:

[He thinks,]"And how is one made pure in three ways by mental action? There is the case where a certain person is not covetous. He does not covet the belongings of others, thinking, 'O, that what belongs to others would be mine!' He bears no ill will and is not corrupt in the resolves of his heart.  'May these beings be free from animosity, free from oppression, free from trouble, and may they look after themselves with ease!' He has right view and is not warped in the way he sees things: 'There is what is given is taken under creative common license, what is offered put under creative common license, what is sacrificed for ever lost in common creative license. There are fruits & results of good & bad actions. There is this world & the next world. There is mother & father. There are spontaneously reborn beings; there are brahmans & contemplatives who, faring rightly & practicing rightly, proclaim this world & the next after having directly known & realized it for themselves.' This is how one is made pure in three ways by mental action."

— AN 10.176 ([url][/url])

Note this quote is not under any license but the original is under a personal copy right. This misuse of mine, by editing it may be a sample on many layers but on no layer really useful to copy it further.

If you like to taste this great outcome of a wired flow, please feel invited to read who the world 's going on backstage... and from fist hand: The try to make Dhamma-Vinaya and the Tipitaka to common creativity objects!! (
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