Author Topic: An index ofTeachings by the Buddha for householders  (Read 1261 times)

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An index ofTeachings by the Buddha for householders
« on: August 11, 2017, 11:57:22 pm »
Lay Buddhist practice. See also Family; Householders; Marriage; Parents; Precepts.
  The definition of various kinds of lay followers: AN VIII 25
  Five subjects for frequent recollection: AN 5.57
  Four qualities leading to a householder's happiness: AN 8.54
  The duties of the layperson: Sn 2.14
  The layperson's code of conduct: DN 31
  What it takes for a layperson to become a stream-winner: AN 10.92
  How a layperson can best work for the welfare of others: AN 8.26, AN 4.99
  Five qualities of a sincere lay follower: AN 5.175
  Five rewards a layperson can expect for having conviction: AN 5.38
  Actions that only lead to one's downfall: Sn 1.6
  How skillful actions and choices can protect you: Sn 2.4, Khp 5
  Development of the first six recollections can be done no matter how busy you are: AN 11.13
  How to recognize a lay stream-winner: AN 5.179
  Examples of lay stream-winners in the suttas (see Stream-entry): Anathapindika: Anathapindika: The Great Benefactor (Hellmuth Hecker); and see his entry in the Index of Names; Nakula's mother: AN 6.16; Suppabuddha (the leper): Ud 5.3; Visakha (a.k.a. "Migara's Mother"): see her entry in the Index of Names; 500 women who perish in a fire: Ud 7.10.
  Buddhism and Sex (M. O'C. Walshe)
  Buddhist Culture, The Cultured Buddhist (Bogoda)
  The Buddhist Layman (Bogoda/Jootla/Walshe)
  "Dhamma for Everyone" (Lee)
  A Happy Married Life: A Buddhist Perspective (Dhammananda)
  Life's Highest Blessings (Soni)
  "Lifestyles and Spiritual Progress" (Bodhi)
  Nothing Higher to Live For (Nyanasobhano)
  Everyman's Ethics: Four Discourses by the Buddha, (Narada)
  Lay Buddhist Practice (Khantipalo)
  A Simple Guide to Life (Bogoda)
  A Chanting Guide: Pali Passages with English Translations (Dhammayut Order)
  Buddhist Monk's Discipline, The: Some Points Explained for Laypeople (Khantipalo)

(Feel invited and free to add missing or additonals)
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Re: An index ofTeachings by the Buddha for householders
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Very nice collection, at the very least we should work on this level if we can, in what ways we can.

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