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Here are links to audio dharma talks for:

Steve Hagen, Jason Siff and Ezra Bayda.

Steve Hagen

Steve Hagen
is the founder and head teacher of the Dharma Field Zen Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a Dharma heir of Dainin Katagiri-roshi.
 Author of:

"How the World Can Be the Way It Is"
"Buddhism Plain and Simple"
"Buddhism Is Not What You Think"
"Meditation Now Or Never"
"Why the World Doesn't Seem to Make Sense: An Inquiry into Science, Philosophy, and Perception"

Jason Siff

Author of :

"Thoughts Are Not the Enemy: An Innovative Approach to Meditation,"

Jason Siff   
began meditating as a teenager, however it wasn't until after attending a Goenka Vipassana Meditation retreat in Kathmandu in 1986 that he developed a serious daily meditation practice. He attended several 10-day retreats in India and Nepal during that year, and left for Sri Lanka in 1987 to learn the Mahasi Method and become a Buddhist monk. He practiced meditation and studied Pali at Kanduboda Meditation Center and then later at the Island Hermitage. It was at the Island Hermitage that this new practice of Recollective Awareness Meditation started to take shape, and he first introduced this approach to groups of foreign students at the Nilambe Retreat Center for a period of six months in 1989. He left the Buddhist Order in 1990 due to ill health and moved to Los Angeles, where he finished a Master's Degree program in Counseling Psychology and worked as an intern. He taught meditation and gave talks at the Community Meditation Center in Los Angeles from 1990 to 1995. He co-founded the Skillful Meditation Project with Gordon Smith in 1996, and has been teaching meditation full-time since then. He lives in Idyllwild, California.

Ezra Bayda

Ezra Bayda is a Zen teacher affiliated with the Ordinary Mind Zen School, having received formal dharma transmission in 1998 from the school's founding teacher, Charlotte Joko Beck. A student of meditation since 1970, he lives, writes, and teaches at the San Diego Zen Center in San Diego, California. He also has a meditation group in Santa Rosa, CA.

 Author of:

 "Being Zen"
 "At Home in the Muddy Water"
" Zen Heart"
 "Saying Yes to Life – Even the Hard Parts"


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