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Re: How best to meditate?
« Reply #15 on: July 29, 2013, 02:56:48 am »
It honestly depends on the quality of instructions(and the worst part is if I knew exactly what was correct instructions to weed out frauds I probley wouldnt need a teacher since I already "know" what quality instructions are :cheesy:

So if we are inexperienced in meditation, how do we know whether a particular set of meditation instructions are of quality?  Do we just have take it on trust and try it out, and if so for how long?  And if we're getting these instructions over the internet what particular problems might this bring?
It is not based on understanding, although it sometimes align with it. Have trust in Tathagata which is present here and now. In other words, it's not your job to do something, because there is nothing specific that needs to be done. This puzzled me a lot, because it didn't "reach out to me" when I was practicing according to some technique, but when I was driving a car, or "monkey minding" about some Dharma related stuff. I wouldn't look for the right practice in  the quality of instructions, but it pure intentions, honesty and openness. If a vector of those is wrong, you may practice the greatest technique for your whole life, just creating more karma.
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Re: How best to meditate?
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For example my teacher never meditated formally but was in a mindful state constantly.

How do you know?

Discernment. I was in a mindful state constantly for a while, what is called 'a state of grace' in some traditions.

It allowed a deeper perception than normal :)

Now I am just an average smuck  :wacky:


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