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Silk is fine for use as a mala cord, but in truth, anything will suffice.

I make malas with silk cord but don't care for it.  It tends to stretch a lot and isn't very abrasion resistant.

My favorite cord is hemp.

The stones employed may or may not be significant.  Some say it is and some say it isn't.  If it is, then mixing stones may not be a good idea.  Also, acording to mala lore, certain practices are best served with malas made from materials.  Chenrezig/Avalokiteshvara pracice is said to be best served by a quartz mala.  Medicine Buddha should be blue stones or lapis Lazuli.  Practices involving feminine deities can use either red or the color associated by that deity - Green Tara would use green stones.  Some stones are considered good for anything, such as pearl, sandalwood, Bodhi wood/seed, or Lotus seed.

You got angry and broke your mala?  When it's restrung, take it to a monk and have it blessed.

i had some inquiry into the mala string or cord>>>...

truthfully i snapped one of my mala's last night and sent it across the kitchen floor flopping and bouncing.
 hemp is strong, but anger can tear through your tools for pulling you from this ocean of samsara...

i have decided on having a citrine mala made for morning meditation, it will be my marigolds...

i had always heard a mala should be all the same stone, but it seems the more i find that is always a challenged case, people love diversity... and my lady is no different... she wants one of each of her favorite type of stone bead, are theyre any more things about mixing beads i should be aware of besides the fact that they will all be differing moh's scale of hardness, hence chipping eachother... so mabey they should all have separator bead>???

another inquiry is about the string >>> most people these days use synthetic silk imitators...  bah... humbug...

i will be braiding my own mala cord from over a dozen strands of fine silk thread i purchased from a flyfishing supply store(fly fishing line looks almost perfect as a mala cord)... in kumihimo japanese braiding fashion... '

i will of course be reciting prayers the entire time im braiding, its seems like a good practice, but i have basis for it... no guide... just heart...

Does anyone know the age old tibetan practice of braiding mala cord...???....
i heard it was often done by a young virgin girl under the age of sixteen...( knowing how much girls of that age love making friendship bracelets i see why...)

is there any more information poeple might have about this subject???

"May your Malas be the rope that pulls you from the sea of Samsara!"  ~  BB : the Kagyu Mailing list.
be excellent...
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Hi everyone. I am still very new to meditation so it is very important for me to have a material thing that actually helps to concentrate. I have got this 108 bead mala/bracelet. I believe we all have our own ways to meditate but for me counting the beads 108 times help me greatly concentrate through the prolonged times.


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