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Title: Possibility - Administration of pages dedicated for the Sangha of monastics
Post by: Samana Johann on September 06, 2017, 06:20:19 pm
Thought that there might be some who have joy and skill in such works, firm faith in the Sangha and Gems, delighted in making merits, and delight in virtue, here a share, independend if Ven monastic disciple (having skills, no good idea if such needs to be gained and maintained on alms) or valued devoted lay person (who even might learn skills in addition for it, no professional skill required or even demanted) ( - dedicated for the Savaka Sangha, founded and maintained by devoted lay people, to make internet useable without faults and remorse for people serious in practice.

General objectives and concepts for those maintaining where support is possible needed, here (,8.msg24.html#msg24).

Administration for pages ([url],8198.msg13009.html#msg13009[/url])

After rebeatly misstakes (current ([url],304.msg13006.html#msg13006[/url])) and general necessity to walk again and again on th edge of what is not conductive for practice and estimate (in regard of monks general), since support by third is often needed, my person thought that it is better to leave such totally up to the will and possibility of those whom might have aside joy also needed possibilities, maybe even the skill by themselves.

In this way, may everybody feel free to fill a need of which one might be aware and feel inspired.

What ever might be in the sphere of my persons possibilities and does not require deeper knowledge and technical means aside of simple, my person might for sure be at side and in doing, as long as possibilities are given.

Much joy with your possible seen possibilities.

Feel welcome to share the possibilities and of course to ask, here, via email or on also in not public areas (if registerd)
Title: Re: Possibility - Administration of pages dedicated for the Sangha of monastics
Post by: VisuddhiRaptor on September 06, 2017, 06:30:10 pm
Friend Johann. The world is on fire with greed, hatred & delusion, nearing a social apocalypse with complete corruption of world & international government. Yet you think making merit, like the peasants do in Cambodia, will somehow help people. The real dhamma is The Dhamma-Truth of Samatha-Vipassana for the Nuclear Age.

The danger we're discussing here is amataputtika. It's so great that not even our parents can rescue us. It's so vast that we can't help or parents either. No one can be of help to anyone else. Normally, this word applies only to the dukkha that arises out of birth, aging, illness, and death, in which children can't help their parents and parents are unable to help their children. This is an enormous and absolute danger. And now there is an external danger of the same magnitude, where parents and children can't help each other, which leaves us completely alone. Close your eyes and think about it. If a nuclear missile comes down, who's going to help who? We'll all be dust anyway; who can help who? This peril is of the same proportion and meaning as the words "we can't help each other in the matters of birth, aging, illness, and death."

In this nuclear age, such dangers can come at any time. Although we may have parents and children, it's as if we had no one. Then who will help us? What will help? I think that Dhamma will help us, which means the Buddha will help us.

Therefore, we must develop and store Dhamma that will help us in circumstances so dangerous that thousands of mothers or children would be of no help. To prepare yourself so that you won't cry is enough. Don't go so far as to prepare yourself to laugh; no one would believe you. Simply being prepared not to cry when disaster comes is splendid enough. You don't have to say that you'll laugh. Actually, if one really has a lot of this sort of Dhamma, I think that one could laugh. Someone with a sufficiently high level of Dhamma can laugh in all events, whether disastrous or beneficial. One could laugh disliking. However, we common folk needn't go so far. We only need, for as long as we haven't died, not to cry. That's plenty good already. Thus, I encourage you to listen to this Dhamma of "samatha-vipassana for the nuclear age," so that you'll be skillful, expert, and correct in its practice. Then you'll remain unperturbed during the enormous changes of the nuclear age.

Realize aniccam, dukkham and anatta (impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and not-self). Realize sunnata (voidness, selflessness), tathata (thusness), and then idappaccayata (conditionality). Penetrate to these realizations with every exhalation and inhalation - that's the most important issue. How much is accomplished in practicing on such a level? If one fully sees that "it's only thus, it's only such, " whenever something no matter how enormous arises, if tathata is seen, that's how to endure and how to remain still. Then, if you want, you'll be able to laugh. But the arahants (Worthy Ones, perfected human beings) probably wouldn't waste energy on useless laughter. Remaining quiet and still is better, without laughing, without crying. That's what's best, having Dhamma that keeps one calm and quiet in all circumstances.


Title: Re: Possibility - Administration of pages dedicated for the Sangha of monastics
Post by: Samana Johann on September 06, 2017, 09:21:37 pm
Not my merits here and elsewhere on web, David, Element. All those are merits of people devoted to the teaching of the Buddha, some dedicating their sacrifies for the Noble Sangha, some dedicating their sacrifies for their ancestors, lost somewhere far from them, to be maybe able to receive the physical transfarmation of their gifts, giving food, medicine, dwelling, clothes and the oppotunity to meet once the tripple Gems to hear the Dhamma and possible use chances to make merits.

Many people, especially those rejecting doing merits are not aware of the goodness they receive. Element knows well that the fact that people in the west are given the possibility to meet the Dhamma is till today exclusivelly possible because their are people outside of their societies sacrifying out of Saddha to all their past beloved, even if they are actually aversive motivated.

One seeing that would either develope great gratitude, or shame if seen how poor the "own" kind and one self actually. Some even great joy in seeing their fortune. Some are able to reiceive gifts and possibilities, some are not, according to their Dhamma.

And especially because of Element perception of the world, that it is sweept away, no one in charge, so the Buddha even encouraged his monks, do, don't be afraid of doing merits.

Merit: A Study Guide ([url][/url]), by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (2005; 61pp./184KB)

Often misunderstood in the West as quaint and irrelevant to serious practice, the Buddha's teachings on puñña (merit) actually play an essential role in the development of a wise sense of self. This anthology explores the meaning of merit and how it functions to instill in the practitioner the qualities necessary to carry him or her to stream-entry and beyond.

It is right if one would say, "Samana, you left home to make merits, to do the best for the sake of the world" more then 10 years ago, and also the teaching of the Buddha can be affirmed, even not really any clear perception of what the treasure of the good Dhamma is, what it is all about, one naturally arives buy simple doing merits sacrifies without mercy for any desrie of gain. In that way one gets all he/she gives 100 times return, and even that beyound.

Right away from the beginning - seeking "just" for a place to share this merits (,Sangha-pedition.html#english), and possible enviroment - of, at this time still an anagarika keeping 10 precepts (known as Hanzze), there was clear that chances to meet people capable to take and understand are very small and at the same time it was clear that no more able to use such as "tricks" for a good sake, to bind people, not to speak of overstepping conducts of value, will make the chance even harder and that it is not meant to install any "reality" or product for consume, but a voluntary "concentration an working camp", a place for those seeking in doing merits and see the Sangha as the highest and unexelled field.

One might say, this monk speaks in ways lifting himself, this monk migh tell things not archived having archived [pause, to be continue..., ex-monk here to find path again]... that's ok to think so. Even if one would like, there are really less chances and needs upanissay that my person would even receive anything, not to speak for his own. So simply others possibilities shared since such is seldom for one to meet and rejoice holding just the Sangha in mind.

This wisdom, even in "low" practices (like thought by not so smart) is begound any justice, right or seek for just in the world.

Atma talks/writes to much, but that's the only way that others might be able to perceive here in this realm.

Let's remember on the father of the Sangha:

"Kassapa, Bhikkhus, approaches families with a mind that does not get hold, seized, nor imprisoned admidst families (,thinking:)

 'Let those, being selfish and given to gain, be selfish and given to gain, let those, being given to merits, do merits', and what ever he gains he is pleased and joyful, so as with what others gain he is pleased and joyful.

This is sharing merits from beings luckily born in or connected with Cambodians, Khmer, to the rest of the dark world.

If liking to become Khmer (from sansctrit, pali khema, a person or land at peace) its maybe an oppotunity in sacrifying for the Savaka Sangha of the four directions.
Title: Re: Possibility - Administration of pages dedicated for the Sangha of monastics
Post by: VisuddhiRaptor on September 06, 2017, 11:58:48 pm
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