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My brother has narcolepsy, and takes medication for it.  The medications do not "cloud his mind", they uncloud it.

Your partner's concern is not reasonable.  He should not be asking you to stop your medications.  You should not stop them to accommodate him.  Even if your saliva did contain traces of the medication, the quantity would be so small that his objection sounds like a phobia based on a magical interpretation of Buddhism, not anything reasonable.

I know of no Buddhist teacher who recommends avoiding treatment that is prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition.  The Four Noble Truths, the most basic of the Buddhist teachings, are written in the form of a diagnosis and a prescription.  So Buddhists in general have great respect for the medical profession.

Take your meds!

Om mani padme hum
Buddha Basics - Beginner Zone / What attainment is Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Buddha Boy)?
« Last post by dfloor on October 21, 2018, 10:08:48 am »
What attainment is Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Buddha Boy)?

Pali / Re: Translation of rāgamudacchidā
« Last post by dadio on October 21, 2018, 06:16:40 am »
Right. Thanks.
The Tibetan Connection (General) / Re: Green Tara Mandal offering
« Last post by Rasputin on October 21, 2018, 05:06:57 am »
It was a beautiful ceremony
Pali / Re: Translation of rāgamudacchidā
« Last post by VisuddhiRaptor on October 21, 2018, 03:07:27 am »
Its not "rebirth". "Bhava" means for the mind to become a self-identity due to craving & attachment.

Regards  :namaste:

"The craving that makes for further becoming — accompanied by passion & delight, relishing now here & now there — i.e., craving for sensual pleasure, craving for becoming, craving for non-becoming: This, friend Visakha, is the origination of self-identification described by the Blessed One."
Buddha Basics - Beginner Zone / Re: which school of buddhism does this point towards?
« Last post by dadio on October 21, 2018, 01:03:03 am »
Science and logic...even common sense help us understand the world.

Arkena has said it! "Science helps us understand the world". The first thing my physics professor told us:"What I'm going to teach you is a description of how nature/the universe behaves in certain circumstances." And then he thought us the special relativity theory... It's not the truth, it's just a description! Just as every other scientific theory.

Science tries to describe the world. It doens't nor can't understand. People understand, not science. Science and logic are methods and are only valid within specific boundaries.

It makes no sense for Buddhist thinkers to try to compete with science nor try to agree with science. I really get annoyed when again a Buddhist teacher refers to 'quantum mechanics' to indicate what they are telling is supported by science...

Science is a description. And the same goes for the for noble truths! Words and statements can help us to understand, but that's all. So the previous statement that if science is true, the four noble truths aren't, is silly.

For noble truths, the five aggregates, emptiness, depended co-arising,... they all are also descriptions. Descriptions with the intention to point us to the right direction.

The simile of the raft is really, to a great extend, applicable here. Use the raft to get to the other side. When you get there, you have to let go of the raft!

Science didn't exist in the time of Gautama but if it did he would have used it to convince scientifically educated people to practice. Just as the Buddha used braman terminology to convince braman people and used jain terminology to convince jain people.

And even for not educated people (ex. peasants) he used agricultural terminology:
- wheel of the cart follows the track of the ox
- simile of the snake (how to handle a snake)
- story of the guy who has done it's work (bringing in the crops, chopped wood,...), resting content by the fire place... and then his house is destroyed by a storm

The finger pointing to the moon, to my opinion, isn't restricted to only religion...
I let Buddhism be what it is: the path to the end of suffering.
Pali / Re: Translation of rāgamudacchidā
« Last post by dadio on October 20, 2018, 08:40:57 am »
Again many thanks for your insight. You don't have to be to humble. What you wrote, doesn't seem to be all that wrong...

I have a realy trustworthy dutch translation from a non buddhistic scolar. And he also had to be creatif in finding a translation that made some sense. He translated the term(s) as 'uncertain rebirth'.
Which I find remarkable creative for a non buddhist translator who tries to translate more to te letter in staid of trying to mimic the poetic metrum...

I intentionally don't have an opinion about rebirth, so I feld I wanted to have a more suitable translation than 'uncertain rebirth'...

I'll probably will take some time pondering on your contribution ;-)

It'll give me something to do, right?
Buddha Basics - Beginner Zone / Re: which school of buddhism does this point towards?
« Last post by philboyd on October 20, 2018, 06:05:44 am »
For me Buddhism is about how we relate to what we perceive through our six senses. The aim being a mindfulness of our environment free of personal attachment. The practice involves turning the lens around one hundred eighty degrees and looking inside ourselves to gain an experiential understanding of reality.
Science and mathematics aim at a kind of third person focus on phenomena, "what is reality sans consciousness" .
With the aim of these schools being diametrically opposed, it seems futile to attempt to reconcile them.
The Dharma Express / Re: I will become a Buddha, just as I am...
« Last post by Pixie on October 20, 2018, 05:44:57 am »

This seems to be more about faith in Amida Buddha as a personal saviour: "You are saved not because you “deserve”, but because Amida loves you unconditionally."

Seems very similar to the "higher power" in AA.

To encourage faith in a  promised personal "saviour " or "higher power" who is in charge of "your salvation" sounds like a form of brain washing to me. It reminds me of the eager evangelical people who knock on doors and hand out leaflets......

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