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Title: BBC-code "quote"
Post by: Samana Johann on June 21, 2017, 04:59:50 pm
It seems that the "problem" of phasing of the bb-code is still not fixed.

When using "url" in quote-info, all formats would be cut of and script would appear italic.

When using bigger amount of quote-bbc it would cut of after the first one, all others.

Maybe one likes to take on this to fix it. Support can be estimated in the forum of ( and of course it would be maybe possible for also user to organice such, either by work or in organising a skilled person there. ( (

There are many around eith helping voluntary or by small rewards, joyful

It's for sure not oly a pay back of goodness done and a matter of gratitude but also a change of merits, helping to maintain a Dhamma place, nice and comfortable to use.

Just to inform and give possibilities, no personal demands.
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