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Title: Some nice tool to make free sangha more international accessable
Post by: Hanzze on April 18, 2013, 01:39:41 am
I thought to share some tools you might like to install. The mods are working perfect on SMF 2.0.4, I guess they will work also well on 2.0 as well.

Quick Translation ( a nice tool to googletranslate a certain post if wished (Compatible With:   2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2)

You would have a small link on every post:
image:;mod=2794;id=192308;image (;mod=2794;id=192308;image)

and would appear and adjustable in the Admin-area like that:

image:;mod=2794;id=192864;image (;mod=2794;id=192864;image)

Setting a back ground color would be good, so one knows what is translated and what is original. Here a color picker to chose a wished color: (

Language Drop Down (

This will create a select window on the right upper corner next the search window, where user are able to chose their favorite language even they are not members. So they can easier access and register if they are not English natives. Of course you would need to install additional language packages as well.

Generally its good if you also read the discussion topic for the mods, in the case you have some other mods installed, there could be good hints and advices.

May it be useful

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