Author Topic: Vajrayana buddhas + powerful lyrics, all appear in one music video "Inseparable"  (Read 1131 times)

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Vajradhara buddhas + spiritual dharma + powerful lyrics, all appear in one music video: "Inseparable" (written and performed by Tinna Tinh)


The blood is turning blue
The doors are opened , I'm going through
I saw your dancing lights
Embrace my fear, embrace the night
My blood is turning blue
The red is gone... I'm ready to see the truth
Is it you who is beating through my chest?
Holding back all that loneliness...
Is it you who's on my side?
Killing anger, killing all my pride?
Is it you who makes me strong?
Telling me  what is wrong?
The crystal snows grow up inside me
That tells the truth we've never died, we've never died
My blood is turning blue...the red is gone ... I'm ready to see the truth...this time
I’m going through
May I give you my heart my mind and soul
May i see the sunshine running, dancing in the sky
May we bring the smile to others and make them feel this love
May you be my friend forever for the rest of my life

May I recognize you in this life time
May we’re proof about the endless love
May I bring fresh air to your life
May we bring a smile to others

Learn what is unlearnable
Believe what is unbelievable
Become one  inseparable
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