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A beautiful yogini - Ani Ngawang Pema
« on: January 15, 2013, 08:52:36 pm »

The video (available in the link) was of a beautiful nun who stayed in solitary meditation for 45 years!!

When she was younger, she was sought after by many suitors because of her beauty. She was known as the most beautiful girl in the Khumbu region (northeast of Nepal). Sons from many rich and famous families would seek her marriage… There was one particular wealthy merchant who had the power to demand for her marriage. Instead of jumping at the chance to live a potential life of wealth and luxuries, she instead escaped that life through hole of a cliff-side latrine! She then ran to a monastery to practice Dharma. Imagine, with no way to escape she went through a hole in the ground filled with urine and excrement…

Being in solitary retreat for 45 years, she became a legend in the region. Every traveler towards Mount Everest would go pay homage at her hut… receive blessings, recite prayers, circumambulate her small hut etc. But they would never see her.

No one had seen her, no one had ever had the chance to interview or take photographs of her till the filming of National Geography’s documentary called “Light at the Edge of the World”.

The beautiful nun’s name is Ani Ngawang Pema. She was a student of His Holiness Trulshik Rinpoche. On 19th November 2012, she entered tugdam (controlled death of a highly realized being) after a long illness… and after she entered tugdam, Trulshik Rinpoche instructed for her body not to be touched for 7 days. Only her personal attendant and another monk were allowed into her retreat house during this period. After that, the public were allowed to enter to pay their last respects.

Video is available in this link:-


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