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Be Free When the Condition Comes
« on: February 09, 2016, 06:48:01 am »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

All manifestations are the union of causes and conditions. With causes and conditions you can see various objects, otherwise you cannot see anything.

If the causes and conditions unifies, there will be these manifestations, and vice versa. However, we are always worrying about losses and gains, in fact it is rather useless, because everything is the union of causes and conditions, when they come, everything will appear, otherwise, nothing can appear, and nothing can come.

What is letting go? If you realize the truth above, you will know that coming, leaving, gathering or disappearing all depend on those called causes and conditions, so let it gather when it is bound to gather, disappear when it is bound to disappear,live when it is bound to live, and die when it is bound to die. Where there is gathering, there is disappearing, where there is living, there is dying, so everything is natural. Just let it be. So if your mind is not discriminating or attaching, everything will be fine.

Since only letting go can be smooth, so we should try our best to do like this. If you can really let go, everything will go well and nothing will be unsmooth. Once you can let go, you will have great freedom. With great freedom, how can we be frustrated or unsmooth?? So the “smooth” here is eternal, not the “smooth” established on the unsmooth. And it’s also not the “smooth” we are pursuing. For the “smooth” we are pursuing now is occasional and impermanent, not the real smooth. Such “smooth” is temporary, and the same is true for the “unsmooth”.

Actually, if you can let go, it is smooth; if you can’t be affected by external objects, it is great freedom. Once you have great freedom, all the external objects will move with your mind. However, our mind now is moving with external objects, always discriminating, accepting or rejecting something. If so, could you get great freedom? When our mind moves with objects, such objects will control our mind, this is called unfree. When our mind does not move with objects, the objects will move with our mind, then you will be able to control them, this is called great freedom, only by this can you master your fate, or you cannot, since you have to follow your karma.



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