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 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

Every year’s first month of Tibetan calendar is called “the month of miracles”; the first day to the fifteenth day are “the days of miracles”, which means Buddha Sakyamuni performed miracles to subdue heretics and to convert them into Buddhists in those days. “The days of miracles” are the most supreme and auspicious days. No matter which kind of dharma means you practice, the virtue and merit can increase ten million times.

BodhisttavaAvalokitesvara embodies the complete compassion of all Buddhas and Bodhisttavas. If we pray to him wholeheartedly, all calamities of the world will be eliminated, and all unfavorable conditions and obstacles will be dispelled. Thus, every year, in the first month, from the first day to the fifteenth day, Guru Khenpo Tamgrin holds the” Avalokitesvara Dharma Assembly” by leading all disciples in the Sina UC room(on the internet) which aims to establish virtuous connections with beings.

6:00-7:30 am, receiving the eight precepts granted by the Guru; 
9:00-11:00、14:00-15:30, group chanting of Avalokitesvara mantra, leading by the Guru;
20:00-22:00,Teachings by the Guru; answering questions; Communication of practice experiences.[/move]][url][/url][/url]
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