Author Topic: Brief Introduction of “Ten Thousand Lamps Dharma Assembly”held in Brilliant Dzo  (Read 625 times)

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Lamp is the symbol of wisdom and brightness. Through lighting lamps to make offering and alms giving, we canovercome obstaclesand accumulate merits rapidly, and light up the “wisdom light of self-nature in our hearts as well. It is one of the most supreme expedientsof practice. Therefore, followed by fourfold assembly, our honorable guru KhenpoTamgrin holds this“Ten Thousand Lamps Dharma Assembly every year, to offer at least 100,000 to 150,000 lamps, 100,000 bowls of water, 100,000 flowers and 100,000 incenses.(In 2014 Assembly, approximately 400,000 lamps, 500,000 bowls of water, 600,000 flowers, and 150,000 incenseshad been offered)

During the assembly, programmes such as ritual study, answering questions, lineage empowerments, refuge-taking, precepts-receiving,danceandsong offering are arranged. Guru also gives wonderful daily dharma teachings, and leads all disciples to make offering to dharmapala, and perform burnt-food offering. Tsok-offeringsand solemn smoke sacrificewill be held in the end,our Guru will give blessings to holy articles as well. Ten Thousand Lamps Dharma Assembly is not only a grand event for lamps-offering, but also the grand meeting for the fourfold assembly to approach virtuous master, meet Vajra brothers and sisters and communicate with and learn from each other.

                                                                                                              From Master KhenpoTamgrin Rinpoche


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