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Do Not Bypass the Happiness
« on: December 28, 2015, 12:53:26 am »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

The ordinaries are ignorant, not willing to suffer pains but always creating the causes of pains – bad karma.

Why are we transmigrating in the six realms? Why are we suffering pains? It is because you are obsessed with this body and therefore have created bad karmas. If you do not attach to this body, truly cast off self and do not create bad karmas, then you will not tumble in the six realms, nor will you suffer the pains. If you can break away from these causes and conditions, even if other beings want you to suffer, they cannot find a way. You can protect yourself.

Look at the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and those great masters, it is not that nobody hurts them or nobody creates unfavorable conditions to them, but they turn all those into aiding conditions, into basis for accomplishment, and into the path. When facing these objects, they not only have no afflictions or sufferings, but also increase wisdom and feel very happy.

No matter how many ways you can figure out to protect yourself, the best way is to practice patience, or realizing the ultimate truth of all phenomena, which is self-protection and can really get rid of all hurts.

If you do not want to fall into the lower realms and suffer the pains, then do not transgress the precepts or create bad karmas, for those are the causes of falling into lower realms and suffering pains. Although unwilling to suffer, many always create the causes for suffering; although willing to be happy, many do not create the causes for happiness. Who doesn’t want happiness? Who doesn’t want liberation? Although we have attained the human life and heard the Dharma, and also have this rare opportunity for practice, nobody treasures. These are all causes for liberation and happiness.

We shall observe ourselves carefully: are you willing to have happiness? Are you willing to attain liberation? Since you are eager for those, why not plant the causes for happiness? Why not practice the ways for liberation? Muddle along and everything will pass. Some people do not like taking classes, do not like sitting in meditation, and even find many excuses. In fact, these are all causes for happiness and ways for liberation, why not doing? They have not yet understood. If one has really understood, he shall hardly wait to take classes and practice Dharma. Are we taking classes and practicing Dharma so eagerly and delightedly? Do we have such attitude?

To learn Buddhism, first believe in the causes and effects. The eighty-four thousand Dharma gates are not away from the view of causes and effects, which is the basic doctrine and prime idea of Dharma. Without this essence, everything is just empty talking. “Samsara, causes and effects” and “no-self, emptiness” are of the same principle. If you have understood the truth of no-self and emptiness, you will have no doubts in samsara and causes and effects; if you have no doubts in samsara and causes and effects, the realization of no-self and emptiness will also come subsequently.


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