Author Topic: Excerpt from the Khenpo Tamgrin's teaching “The three Noble Principles”4  (Read 667 times)

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 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin

It is useless even if you have lots of money. Get to know some wealthy person, you will find they are under heavier pressure and pains. If you do not know them, maybe you will not understand. They look terrific when they live in the nice houses and drive fancy cars; many people envy them and imagine that how nice and happy to be rich…in fact, they are absolutely not.

So does the person with power. Even if someone has more power, his afflictions and pains  have not been eliminated. After seeing some people with power, you will find the afflictions and pains in their hearts are more serious than ordinary people. Power is not the cause for liberation and becoming a Buddha, and is not the solution either.

Supernatural ability is the same. Nowadays many people play with this ability, but seldom people really own it. Most people's supernatural abilitiesare false. There are several kinds of supernatural abilities: one is from one's own practice of this life or previous lives; the other one is fromother beings' possession, and many different cases can be found.The latter is not one's own ability, but other being possessed one's body and controls him (her).

Can supernatural ability remove the afflictions and pains? No! Even if someone owns the extraordinarysupernatural ability, he cannot remove the afflictions and pains. Supernatural ability is not the cause of attaining liberation and Buddhahood, and it is not the cause of eliminating the suffering and pains.


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