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How Good Teachers Help Us Get Enlightenment
« on: December 06, 2015, 06:47:59 pm »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

We always say that we should be grateful to the Guru and good teachers. Why? They help you eliminate bad karmas and further get enlightened. A virtuous good teacher is supposed to help you eliminate bad karmas. How? To have you suffer pains and tribulations.

Actually, suffering pains is to end pains, and suffering tribulations is to eliminate bad karmas. However, at present age, who can accept this? To have you get enlightenment also relies on blows and scolds. Just read the biographies of the patriarchs in history, how were they enlightened? Through blows or scolds. Without blowing or scolding, you cannot attain enlightenment. This is the so called acceptance, or the pith instruction. What is the real acceptance? What is the real pith instruction? Saying some kind words to you or giving you some blessing materials may make you think that he is “so compassionate!” It seems he has accepted you and has given you pith instructions, but actually not.

Why must we follow good teachers? Because we can hardly find our own mistakes, following a good teacher can help us find our own mistakes. When we can truly realize our drawbacks or shortcomings, this is called enlightenment. This is the role a good teacher plays. But today many so-called “good teachers” always go along with the ordinary beings, put up with their afflictions and bad habits. Like this, when could they get accomplished? Not possible.

No more talking about that “I’m practicing Yidam” “I’m practicing the Dzogchen” “I’m practicing Zen” “I’m practicing Xinzhongxin” and get clear about the basis first. Because only what the basis teaches is appropriate to our realms, and our states, and if you want to improve and make a change, you have to start from such basis. Just put aside the realms of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for a moment, which is still too far for us to reach now.

Nowadays many people only prefer to talk about and listen to the great theories of emptiness, and seem to be interested in what is more mysterious and complicated. Actually, our self-nature and original face are just pure and simple, and it is us who makes them complicated, and therefore they have left. Why are we lost with our self-nature? Why are we apart from our original face? This is right the reason. Why can’t the beings get enlightened? It is because the so called self-nature, or Buddha-nature is too pure and too close to us, and it is with us every moment, but we just cannot realize this. Just as the eye cannot see the eyelashes, or the eye cannot see itself, the so called self-nature is so close to us that we cannot see it, and so simple that we just cannot believe it.


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