Author Topic: Is Buddhism the Idealism?  (Read 581 times)

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Is Buddhism the Idealism?
« on: June 15, 2015, 07:25:40 pm »

 Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

All manifestations, all phenomenal are all mind. Mind is emptiness, that is why we can say mind is everywhere, also we say mind is nowhere. From the perspective of emptiness, mind is nowhere can be found, you can not find mind anywhere, everything is not mind; while from the perspective of manifestation, mind is in everywhere, everything is mind.

“Why all is mind? Then when I eat, am I also eating the mind?”It is the manifestation of your mind. Such as when we watch a movie, even though the food and clothes in the movie are all illusions, but they all appear in front of our eyes. Same thing, everything is the manifestation of the mind, can be established on its own without mingling with the other things.

Everything is the illusion and plays of the mind, and it is the mind itself. Just like the ocean and wave, the true nature of the wave is ocean. Same way, them agically changes of the mind are mind.Before you understand, this is hard to know. Take the magician’s show as example, if you know the secret, then there is no wonder at all; if you don’t know the secret, then you wonder how it could happen. In the same way, the show is mystical when you don’t understand, you may question: “why everything is mind? Why everything is the illusion of the mind? How does it work?” If you really understand, nothing is magical, but very natural and normal. Mind is everywhere, every manifestation is mind.

Some would question:”Isn’t this Idealism?”No,the Idealism doesn’t have the view that the nature of mind is emptiness. Mind can’t be seen, nor be heard, can’t be touched. Mind can’t be found if you try to find it with Buddha’s wisdom. Never been seen in the past, nor present,nor future, you can’t find the nature of the mind anywhere. So call emptiness is the nature of the mind.

Mind is nowhere, mind is everywhere, when you really understand this, it is called seeing the Buddha-nature. Many would say:”Is aw the Buddha-nature, I am able to...”You are really in the realization state or not, depends on whether you truly understand this principle.


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