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Using the True Love, Settle the Worldly Debts
« on: July 19, 2015, 06:59:34 pm »
 Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

We always put compassion at our tongue’s end, talk about compassion here and there, but we have not understood what compassion really is. Without compassion, nothing could be done well. Considering our current situation, we cannot get along with anyone even though they are our parents, children, friends or relatives.We might find out many reasons, but all are not the true reason. What is the true reason then? It is the lack of compassion.

Commonly speaking, compassion is a sort of pure love. We love our parents, our children and our friends and relatives, but such love is impure, and of course is not compassion. What is pure love? It is the love without selfishness, to love others not for the sake of loving self. But our love is different, where “self” is contained therewith.

You love your parents, your children, your friends and relatives, because they are “my” parents, “my” children, “my” friends and relatives. Now let us remove the “my” and think: there are many “parents”, have you loved them? There are many “children”, have you loved them? Similarly, there are many “Friends and relatives”, have you loved them? Once “my” is removed, can you still love them and be good to them? Our love is actually fake and insincere, and we are all deceived by ourselves. As a turn back, our mind is full of conflicts, pains and afflictions, and has never obtained real calm and ease. The more we love them, the more pressure we feel, yet true love will not bring us pressures.

Love without discrimination is compassion. With compassion, there will not be pressure and you can lead your life easily and happily.Without compassion, there would be no calm and ease, no true happiness and blessings. While we have really obtained compassion and own pure and indiscriminate love, we will be able to love all sentient beings, such love is the true love and such heart is the true heart.

With the sincerity, whatever we do will be good, correct and virtuous, and positive effects will definitely come. Before then, our love is not genuine. We worry about each other a lot, however, as our worry increases, our affliction increases; as our love increases, our pain increases, which can only augment our mental stresses. If our love on them is selfish, then whatever we do for them will just make them owe us and they can never be actually benefited. However well you treat them will not settle the predestination, repay the debt, or solve the problem, but only bring a lot of gratitude and resentments as well as pains and afflictions.

Whatever we have done is not from our true heart thus is not virtuous but evil. If we are doing evil conducts, how can we expect good results?

Virtuous and vicious are not shown in the form or appearance, but in the heart. With true heart, everything you do is virtuous; otherwise, everything is vicious. The good will be rewarded and the wicked punished, nothing will go wrong here.We love our parents, children and family members, but it is indeed artificial. “I should be good to parents” is due to the fearing of others’ comments. “I should be good to my children” is due to the apprehension of their future cumbrance on us. The same happens among friends and relatives. Everything we do is just to take advantage of each other. Without getting benefited, you will not be kind to others. Nobody is sincere but owing and being owed by each other.

Every relationship falls in the scope of paying back debt of gratitude or debt of grudge, no matter it is between husband and wife, or mother and children. The real husband and wife should support and be humble to each other, help the other get liberated and not afflict each other. But now husbands and wives are not real, they deceive and make use of each other, take advantage of each other, thus will not have positive effects.

Currently none of us is able to treat the other with sincerity. “I can treat him sincerely, but he treats me like that...” You are wrong here again. The mistake is not from him but from you.If you yourself has no mistake, you will not be affected by him or have negative feelings. When you have negative feelings, such as the feeling of unhappy, frustrated, afflicted and painful, isn’t that the manifestation of cause and effect? The good will be rewarded and the wicked punished, this is the bad effect, which must be caused by the evil conducts you committed before. If you can change your mind, everything surrounding you as well as your partner will change. However, the problem is you are caught in the circle and cannot make any change.

To love all sentient beings with indiscriminate and pure love is the true heart. Similarly, to love our children, parents, friends and relatives like this is the true love while to give like this is the true give. Only then can we settle the predestination, repay the debts and get awaked from life and death.

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