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Title: Keep on Memorizing the Favors from the Teachers
Post by: Melodious Conch on January 10, 2016, 09:04:37 pm
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche: 

In past ages, the relationship between teachers and students was very serious. However, it now has changed, and the students just have little respect for teachers.

Some say:” I have paid the tuitions, so it is his duty to teach me.” What the teacher teaches you is knowledge and culture. Does money equal to knowledge and culture? Can money be used to weigh knowledge and culture?

Now it is the time of degeneration, knowledge and culture are neither cherished nor valued any longer. But indeed, culture and knowledge are the real wealth, while money and property are just external objects. No matter what you encounter is weal or woe, no matter what you face is disaster or peacefulness, knowledge and culture will follow you forever, which is the real wealth, the real wish-granting jewel.

However, people today are all upside down. Previously students used to entreat teachers while now teachers entreat students; previously students used to listen to teachers and now teachers listen to students. This might also be a sign of the time of degeneration.

Of course, the teaching ability of some teachers might be higher and some might be lower, however, what you have learnt is all taught by teachers. The wise will definitely realize and repay the favors, since he knows that only knowledge and culture are wealth and the wish-granting jewel. Once he has got such jewel, he will definitely cherish it very much, remember and repay the favor.


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