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Khenpo Tamgrin:The Food of Practitioner
« on: April 24, 2015, 05:02:23 am »

The fruit of meditation born inthe fertile farmland of wise
observation, is the food that can foster the bodyof realizing the
truth of Yoga.

Many of the current people say ‘I want to practise Dhyana, I need
to sit in meditation. But when you aresitting in meditation, do you
have the wisdom of realizing that all things’appearencehas no self
nature? Without the wisdom, your meditation is unuseful.Even youare
already in deep meditation, it isn’t the stage of the Meditative
sect, alsocan’t liberate yourself.

Many people including somepractitioners of Great Perfection say ‘
Can I practise the formal training? MayI sit in meditation
directly?’Do you understand and see your own Buddha-nature?If you
already realize your original nature, you can keep your meditation
asbest. The meditation, here, we are talking about, is the fruit of
the fertilefarmland of wise observation, and the most powerful and
best method. I’m afraidthat you haven’t.

‘My Guru had given me the knack,I have the ability now!……’Some
people require for knack everywhere. When theyget it, they think
they can cultivate the formal practition, and attain thesteadfast
meditation directly. How easy! Just like to get the post parcel
fromthe county town. If it’s so easy, almost all of the living
beings will beliberated, the samsara will be empty very quickly,
especially the jailers ofthe hell will be unenployed.Not so easy,
don’t cheat yourself!

We practise both quiescence andthe excellent observation, cultivate
concentration with wisdom. With the foodof meditation on both
quiescence and the excellent observation, thepractitioner will grow
up very quickly, and soon become mature and perfect.
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