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Nutrition for the Mind
« on: June 28, 2015, 06:48:36 pm »

Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

In order to improve the living quality, people nowadays are all very concerned about nutrition and sanitation. But however concerned you are, without sanitation and nutrition coming from your mind, nothing will be useful. The ultimate nutrition is the nutrition coming from the mind. Only with a healthy mind, a happy heart, and a lively spirit, can the physical body get benefited and be healthier, and the person can also be more and more wise and clever.

A healthy mind comes from Dharma practice, only with which can the wishes come true. Only with Dharma can one live healthily, happily, easy and successfully. Without Dharma nothing can be attained. No matter you are pursuing health and longevity or promotion and prosperity, the temporary interest of this life or the ultimate liberation forever, the only right and feasible way is to practice Dharma.
Many people who are not practicing Dharma fear about diseases and death. Once getting sick, they will be worked up immediately and will rush to hospital for treatment, or take nutritious health products. But without practice, however advanced the medical conditions are or however nutritious the food is, nothing is the reason of being healthy.

As one of the most developed countries, America has very good medical conditions and the most advanced researches on nutrition. However, 70% of American people have heart diseases. The reason rests in the high living stresses and heavy afflictions which have caused an uneasy and unrelaxed mind state. That is why many people cannot get their physical conditions recovered to the natural healthy state, even after taking different brands of nutritious heath products, which might in turn harm the body.

In order to be healthy, many rich, powerful and influential people take specially prepared so-called top-grade nutritious meal, and do various healthy exercises - playing golf, bowling, or accept health care such as kidney care or heart care, after that they will go eating, drinking, gambling or frequenting the brothels, as well as bluffing, deceiving, swindling etc., and seemingly quite happy and enjoyable. Actually such way of living has already caused huge harm to both their body and mind, and in the future they will further endure bad effects. There is nothing happy or joyful at all. The genuine bitterness and sweetness are not shown externally. The bitterness in mind is the genuine bitterness, while the sweetness in mind is the genuine sweetness, and the spiritual enjoyment is the genuine enjoyment.   

As long as we can learn and practice Dharma, there is no difference between sick or healthy, poor or wealthy. You did not bring in worldly wealth, fame or profit at your birth, nor can you take them away at your death. If we don’t refuse when they come and don’t pursue when they do not come, we will feel very easy and comfortable. If a person can maintain such mind state under any circumstances, it is called the real enjoyment and the real happiness, which is also the inexhaustible nutrition for the mind.


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