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One Thought of Love
« on: February 01, 2016, 06:24:58 pm »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

Once in India, a man called Daughter of Vallabha wanted to take a treasure hunt in the sea, while his mother didn’t agree with him because his father died from it. He really wanted to go and prepared everything he needed for the journey, but his mother still stopped him by dragging him. So he was so furious that he kicked his mother in the head and then left.

Later he died in an accident and directly fell into the ephemeral hell. There he saw a man in a room of iron suffering the pain of a steel wheel revolving on his head, with white brains spouting out everywhere, which was extremely cruel. He asked at once: “How come this person suffers such great pain?” A voice told him: “he is enduring the effect of kicking his mother in the head.”

Then he remembered he had kicked his mother in the head too, meanwhile, an iron wheel suddenly fell on his head, and spinning on his head. Although suffering the great pains, he aspired: “There must be many other beings in the world like me who kicked their mothers in the head, today, may I alone bear all the sufferings of those who are in the same state as I am.” Since he had aroused such altruistic mind, he got liberated immediately and was reborn in the divine realms. 

So you see, in this Buddhist case, when the Daughter of Vallabha arouses bodhichitta, even though the object of perception is only a portion of the beings, the suffering is only the pain of steel wheel revolving on the head, and it is only an instant thought of bodhichitta, the merits and benefits generated is so tremendous!

There is another Buddhist case: There used to be a mother and a daughter who were flooded away, the mother thought: “As long as my daughter can get saved, it will be fine even if I die.” The daughter thought: “as long as my mother can get saved, it will be fine even if I die.” With such thoughts, both were reborn in the divine realms after death.

Even there is only one altruistic thought, the object is just one being or a portion of beings, and the pain is just one type, the merits and benefits generated are still so tremendous, let along we wish to eliminate the boundless unease of all beings and place them in the realm of ultimate happiness. Needless to say the merits and benefits accumulated like this.


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