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No matter we are at home, in company or any other places, at any time and facing any person, we should hold the same mentality. We should not have any contempt or slight to relatives, enemies, good people, evil people or any other beings, and should at any time put ourselves at the lowest position and put others at highest position. When you put yourself at the lowest position, you are indeed at the highest position; when you put yourself at the highest position, you are indeed at the lowest position.
When some people have obtained some worldly knowledge, technology, power, or some merits and achievements in dharma practice, they become very arrogant and start to despise others. Actually what you own is nothing while comparing to Dharma. No matter how much learning you have taken, you are still ignorant, deluded and distorted, since you have not mastered the dharmata; no matter how much knowledge you have, the same can only increase your discrimination and delusion and is away from the ultimate truth and reality of the phenomena; no matter how much wealth and power you own, the same only belongs to the world and samsara, and will not deviate from the nature of impermanence or expand beyond the area of samsara. We have been running on empty and experiencing ups and downs while growing up, we devoted a lot, but never achieved the true happiness and joyfulness! Due to the impermanent nature of the phenomena, the so called reputation, position, wealth, power and other worldly achievements are just like to build structures on a sand beach, where only a mass of rubble would be left eventually.

At the dharma ending age, the karmic reward of all beings are becoming smaller and smaller, while the afflictions are becoming heavier and heavier. People are only considering themselves and never consider others. Everybody holds himself very important, feels himself better than anybody else, puts himself at the highest position and wants to inhibit and restrict others everywhere so as to prohibit others to surpass himself. Although relying upon some selfish methods, they temporarily achieved worldly profit, the rights are great, the powers are strong, the fame and wealth are rich, however, the evil karma they have made meanwhile is also limitless, and in the future they will also experience endless pains.
The vision should long-term and not be too short; the mind should be open and not to be too narrow. The ultimate source of all pains is selfishness, while the ultimate source of all happiness is to benefit all sentient beings. While benefiting all sentient beings, it is actually yourself who will get benefited. So lower down yourself at anytime, be modest, learn the merits and achievements from other people, and correct your shortcomings and deficiencies. Then other people will also care about you, respect you and revere you. If you want to get perpetual happiness and joyfulness, you should do like this.


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