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Running after things unable to obtain
« on: June 18, 2015, 08:35:34 pm »
 Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

The feelings of happiness and suffering are not real, but are illusions. Why are yous truggling to grasp the happiness or get rid of pain until tired out?Please put it down! Then you find happiness, the true happiness.

We are so attached to sufferings, want to get rid of them. Actually, the clinging itself is suffering. Once you are not attached anymore, not trying to run away from it, then the suffering would disappear into the thin air, you are free from it.This is called putting down.
We are clinging to happiness, pursue happiness, and never obtain true happiness. The fear of losing itself is a kind of suffering -- the suffering of unable to obtain. One day when we are not clinging to happiness anymore, not pursuing it,then the happiness manifest on its own, right away the happiness is there.

So,please don’t pay too much attention to the feelings. By caring about the feelings and trying to obtain good and avoid bad, in this conceptual thought,our heart can never get tranquility, nor happiness.

No matter good feeling or bad feeling, feelings have no self-nature, they can change instantly. Regarding the happiness opposite the suffering, we see nothing is permanent, rather change pretty quickly. When we suffer at the moment,experiencing the unhappiness, don’t attach to it. This is the law of impermanent, everything changes quickly. One should be able to take control and be calm in all situations. Happiness will not remain forever, suffering will not remain forever either, everything is temporary, everything will pass. When your mind is calm and without this conceptual thought, the great happiness will come, that is the eternal true happiness.

All phenomena are illusions. Even though sometimes the life doesn’t seem to be easy, still you should remain pleased inside; when things go as wish, don’t get bloated, everything is temporary.

So we should remain steady and chillax, not sway like the grass in the wind. We should have our own goal and establish the standard of virtues. Swaying mind is the main obstacle for enlightenment, also the root of all disasters.


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