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Sands house
« on: June 26, 2015, 08:13:24 pm »
Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche :

A group of children are using sands to make houses, buildings. They would be very sad if such houses were knocked down by accident. In fact, what is the big deal? Let it be knocked-down, let it be blew-away by wind, there is no value anyway. But those naive small children do feel sad and painful.

In the eyes of the wise, we are sometimes just like such children. If got praised a little bit, we feel very happy; if got slandered a little bit, we feel very sorry; if got admired a little bit, we feel very pleased; if got hated a little bit, we feel very depressed; if got a small interest, we will be dizzy; if suffered a slight mishap, we will be attached...

Actually, as long as we are still living in this world, things will not get too good or too bad. Everybody is similar as we are all reincarnating within the six destinies. We are all worldlings, so whom are you worth to looking down upon or frowning upon? As long as being a worldling, as long as being reincarnating within the six destinies, each person is equally feeling the pain in the jail of samsara, constrained tightly by cravings, ill-will and delusion, so it is not necessary to compare with each other, or despise each other.

When the so-called reputation or honor was lost, many people felt sad and unhappy, even was driven to a blind alley because of the despair. It’s really foolish up to the extreme!Let these be lost, they are impermanent in nature, and illusory in nature. As a practitioner, one must understand such truth. Once it is lost, we are unmoved; once it is obtained, we are also unmoved. At any time, the heart remains firm and peaceful, nothing is worth to be worried about, nothing is worth to be sad and weeping about. If one is in grieve and despair because of these, he is just like those children who were crying for loss of the houses piled with sands. This is at all not necessary and also unworthy. 

Actually, even the worldly profit was obtained, there is nothing to cheer about; if it’s lost some day, there is also nothing to grieve about. Let it come and go; let it be got and lost. Causal conditions come and go,  it is just normal. If you want to be a practitioner, a siddha, you should keep your heart firm and peaceful whenever you are walking, standing, sitting or lying down. “Got”, doesn’t matter; “lost”, doesn’t matter. “Come”, doesn’t matter; “go”, doesn’t matter. Unreliable is normal, impermanent is also normal. These are all not away from self-nature, all natural, just like the clouds in the sky, massing and whipping up.


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