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Special Blessings
« on: December 09, 2015, 07:52:08 pm »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

Whenever we are seeing nourishment or precious medicines, we will firstly think about ourselves: “Oh, it’s so nice, I should take them for my body...” and then start to take those things.

We should make offering with these nourishment and precious medicines first, and then take them as blessing materials. Only doing so can they really cure the diseases and nourish the body. This is the treatment on the root - the treatment on the karmic obscuration, affliction and self-attachment, other than the disease itself. This is to stop the boiling by taking away the firewood. Otherwise, no matter how precious the medicine is and how good the nourishment is, they can only cure certain diseases temporarily, just like to stop the boiling by scooping the water up and pouring it back, which is not a solution from the root.

Therefore we should change our mind and make offering first, then take them as blessing materials,which possesses a special power. What kind of the power is it then? We can say it is the power from Buddha, or the power from the right view, or the power from the pure mind.

Buddha’s power exists everywhere. But one must has a pure mind in order to own such power. Only with a pure mind can one obtain such power, or we can say the pure mind itself is a kind of power. Actually, the cause and condition to develop the pure mind in your continuity is Buddha’s power, which is called “Buddha’s power is everywhere”. If you have developed such faith or pure mind, meanwhile you will own the power, which is the so-called “two powers combines together as one”.

After having started practicing Dharma, are we supposed not to go to hospital then? And are we supposed not to take those medicines? Not really. Hospitals, doctors, medicines and medical equipment are all activities of the Buddhas, activities of Medicine Guru Buddha. You must keep the right view when you are taking treatment in hospitals. This is indeed Buddha’s activity, and you must take it as Buddha’s activity. This is indeed an expedient means Buddha uses to save you and you must understand and take the treatment with such attitude. The Dharma is not away from the world and if you could consider accordingly, then the two will combine. This is the genuine right path, free from both extremes.


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