Author Topic: Tamgrin Khenpo: ways to make Buddha happy  (Read 569 times)

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Tamgrin Khenpo: ways to make Buddha happy
« on: April 16, 2015, 07:15:16 pm »
Buddhais happy and peacefulfor sentient beings are happy and peaceful,. If you reallywant to satisfyBuddha, want to repay your gratitude to Buddha, then the onlyway, the only choice for you is to make all sentient beings happy, benefit allsentient beings. Buddha treats all beings as his closest relative, Buddha’s only wish is to benefit all sentient beings. Inorder to benefit the parentalsentient beings, Buddha doesn’t mind to climb themountain of swords, enter the ocean of flames, never had a moment to care hisown body and life. It is hard to describe Buddha’s vows on saving and pitying allsentient beings. He considered all beings as his close relative, and wouldrather gointo the hellsor pretarealms and so on in order to save any of thesentient beings.
In thiscase, if we hurt sentient beings, make them suffer, how could these behaviorsmake Buddha happy? This is taking revenge on Buddha who has been given the mostgrace to you. To Buddha, this is the up most disrespect. If you do harm tosentient beings, make any beings suffer, then no matter isa thousandprostrations or even tens of thousands, even offering all your body, belongingsor virtues to Buddha, still you won’t be able to repay Buddha. Such as a personwhose body is on fire, no matter whatever precious worldly things you offer himsuch as delicious food,beautiful cloths or worldly treasures, still noslightest happiness could be aroused in his mind.

The samereason, if you harm sentient beings, make them suffer, no matter what everofferings you have, things you do, numbers of prostration you did, Buddha couldnot be happy. If you really want to make offering to Buddha, you should get upand do things benefit all sentient beings, make them happy. For Buddha, thisthe ultimate respect and offering.

So, eventhough I was not fairly treated, being hurt and harmed by the sentient beings,but in order to repay Buddha’s loving kindness, make Buddha happy, I would rathertruly practice forbearance, treat all sentient beings in goodness, because thisis the only way to make Buddha happy and to repay Buddha’s loving kindness.


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