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Ten Methods of Meditation-The 4th way
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:r4wheel:Ten Methods of Meditation-The 4th way

The fourth way: concentrate on an image of a Buddha or a Bodhisattva. Visualize the body, focus on him dedicatedly. To begin with, you should learn about the image of your favorite Buddha through the descriptions in some thangkas and books; then you visualize him in your mind and your eyes can also look at his image, concentrate on him without little scatter. If you can recall Buddhas in your mind for a moment, the merits and virtues will be unimaginable as well, which can clear negative karma and accumulate blessing, eliminate all kinds of undesirable conditions, as well as bring auspicious omen.
It’s very important to practiceSamatha. If you practiceDzogchen Formal Practices, Mahamadhyamaka, Mahamudra, including Zen without Samatha, you will neither clear your mind nor attain enlightenment. Even though you understand them, you only know them orally. Nowadays, many people talk about Zen just like “pet phrase”, gain it orally, but not in their consciousness; many other people also practicezazen or meditation only formally, but actually, with little merits of Samatha. In this case, it’s very hard to achieve realization.

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