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Ten Methods of Meditation- The first way
« on: May 17, 2016, 06:38:14 pm »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche: 

We will learn some methods of meditation together. We canenter Samadhi through practicing these methods, then gradually acquiresupernatural power and other achievements. However, we don’t meditate for supernatural power but opening our wisdom. I will tell you the pith instructions to enable you to understand the nature of mind after you have a base of Samatha. It is very easy to realize your true nature by this way, and your realization will be stable as well. If you gain wisdom without Samadhi, even though understand it temporarily, your mind will still be distracted and hard to be held once you meet adversities.
Before meditating, first of all, you adjust your body, speech and mind. Body: put down all the trifles of good and evil. If possible, adopt seven-featured sitting position of Vairochana, or half lotus position is an alternative. Hold both your hands a Meditation Seal, or rest each of your hands on your kneeof the same side with the palms down. Speech: get rid of all kinds of speech of good and evil. Exhaust your turbid air for nine or three times to adjust the speech or air. Mind: get rid of all the dualistic thoughts of good and evil. Keep your mind in its natural state, clearly and firmly. Then start to take refuge and generate the Bodhichitta.
The first way: concentrate on the supports. Firstly, find an object as a support, such as a stone, a piece of wood, a cup and so on. Place it in front of you; stare at it attentively without any distraction. Fully focus yourself on it, never thinking other trifles. At this moment, your mind is clear, neither scattered nor shaky. Keep yourself in a state of neither too tense nor too loose. If you are too tense, you will encounter obstacles such as becoming drowsy;oppositely, if you are too loose, your mind will be distractive.
While you are meditating, each meditation period should not be too long, and then you should go out of it; the time out of it should not be too long, either. Now, you shouldn’t turn loose, then go on going into meditation. Go into the state once again; the time shouldn’t be too long. And then go out of it, not too long, either. If the time is short, you won’t encounter the obstacle of being distractive or too inwardly concentrated,and so on. After practice it several times, you will generate the merit of meditation. Before you end your practice, you should do the dedication, chant auspicious verses, and apply this state to your daily behavior as well.

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