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Ten Methods of Meditation-The third way
« on: June 05, 2016, 06:38:27 pm »
 :r4wheel:Ten Methods of Meditation- The third way

The third way: concentrate on a red light blob. Visualize your body like a white balloon, but not a round one. It is very lightsome, hyaline and empty. There is a red light blob at the position of your heart, hanging in the middle of the body without touching the spine in the back or the chest in the front. The size of it is similar to the light of a medium butter lamp with blue light in the red light. As the blob is febrile, it represents the nature of an integration of wind with your heart. Abide in this light blob without distraction.

As for a runaway horse, if you try to catch it directly, it will probably run faster. However, you can try some other ways, for example, you can put some its favorite food in the place front of it. Slowly, it will walk to the food and eat it, then it will be not so frightened of people. At this time, you are able to catch it, and tame it. Your heart is the same as a runaway horse. It’s very hard to make it abide or calm, so we need to use some ways to make it. All the meditation methods we’ve learned these days are the ways to moderate and subdue our minds.

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