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The Method to Vanquish Pride
« on: November 10, 2015, 08:06:52 pm »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:   

The purpose of prostration is to antidote pride. People all have such negative karmic habits such as pride. With pride, one cannot make any progress. The person with pride has two characters: One is that he cannot find his own faults and shortcomings; and the other one is that he cannot see others’ merits and virtues, this way he can never correct his faults and bad habits, nor can he learn others’ merits and virtues.

Pride harms us tremendously. The contradictions and conflicts among people, and the afflictions and pains suffered in one’s inner mind, are all caused by pride. Once a problem occurs, people are used to looking for the reasons from outside or others, and then start to feel the suffering of afflictions, pains and grievances. If one can sincerely reflect self like: “this is the manifestation of my own karma, the reflection of my impure mind.” This way, his continuity will get purified and he will never complain about or resent anybody at all times, nor will he suffer such grievance and pains any more. Therefore, it is extremely important to overcome pride.

Why can’t we make any progress in our practice? It is because of pride. Why can’t we really follow the Guru’s teachings and treat the Guru as Buddha? It is also because of pride. Only without pride, can one be able to put self at the lowest position, and then there will not be any problem to regard the Guru at the highest and follow his teachings.

With pride, one has no merits, or if any, it will be little. No matter worldly or unworldly, if one easily becomes supercilious and proud after attaining only a few accomplishments, then surely he has no merits. Such person is just like a brook running in a narrow ditch, flowing fast, with loud noise. The person with true merits is just like the immeasurable and boundless sea, deep and quiet.

While you put yourself at the lowest position, you are indeed at the highest, since your inner wisdom and merits are at the highest; when you put yourself at the highest, you are indeed at the lowest, since your inner wisdom and merits have already lowered to the lowest. When putting yourself at the lowest, your heart will be as broad and boundless as the ground, on which anything can get supported, whether walking on it or building up houses on it. Such mental attitude is called no pride. But what are we really like now? This way is OK, and that way is not; this will do and that will not; this person is OK and that person is not….we are always discriminating and haggling like this, and these are all pride.

To antidote pride, we should practice prostration. Firstly prostrate to the Buddha or the Guru, and gradually learn to prostrate to all sentient beings.

There are three ways of prostration: to prostrate with the body, with the speech and with the mind.

1. The prostration with the body: There are mainly two ways as talked in exoteric Buddhism: one is to prostrate the head to the feet of the Buddha or the Guru. The other is to prostrate the five parts of the body to the ground. In esoteric Buddhism it is to prostrate the whole body to the ground.

2. The prostration with the speech: to recite the Buddha names or the text of the prayers and compliment sentient beings.

3. The prostration with the mind: it is the mind of respect.

Among the three prostrations, the most important and fundamental one is the prostration with the mind. Without the respect from the inner heart, no matter how courteous one pretends to be, only reciting prayers orally will not work.

How can we arouse the mind of respect? When you are memorizing the merits of the Buddha, the Guru and the Sangha, your heart being filled with bliss of Dharma, this is called respect. Memorize the merits of the companion practitioners, the beings around and all sentient beings. “These are my field of merits and aiding conditions for my attaining Buddhahood. Without these beings, how can I plant in the field of merits, how can I arouse Bodhicitta, how can I benefit other beings and how can I become Buddha? Furthermore, each being, including everything, has its own merits and virtues and has its own meaning of existence.” This is called the mind of respect. Only when you can memorize heartedly like this, can the authentic respect arise in your continuity.

In our continuity, pride or respect can only stay exclusively. With respect existing there, pride does not have a chance to arise or stay and there will be no more position, because its position has been replaced by respect. Don’t leave the chance to pride, for pride has been hurting us too badly. Since beginningless time until now, pride has been tying and towing us,causing us to commit tremendous sins and making us wander in the six realms suffering endless pains. Now we cannot allow it to remain at that position and hurt us as before. We shall now antidote it and block the gate to prevent it from entering. With respect as the antidote, pride will not be able to enter. Only Respect can actually benefit us, help us from suffering of afflictions and pains permanently, perfect our merits and wisdom until our attainment of Buddhahood.



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