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Arrogance and Timidity
« on: March 14, 2016, 08:31:36 pm »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

Sometimes people’s spirit is too high and they seem quite arrogant, while sometimes it is too low and they seem very timid. While learning and practicing Dharma, we should keep a balanced mental attitude: neither too high, nor too low; neither proud, nor inferior. Being moderate, not too tight or too relaxed, not too high or too low, is the state of liberation.

But quite often we cannot control it well: with a few merits and accomplishments we turn proud, while with a few negative conditions and obstacles we turn inferior. The iron ball of arrogance cannot absorb merit water. With arrogance there will not be merits, even there is any, it will just be quite trivial and negligible. Since arrogance prevents us from finding others’ merits and advantages, therefore we are not able to learn the same from others. Some people tend to become supercilious or proud with only a few accomplishments mundanely and transmundanely, who have no merits, just like a brook running in a narrow trench, sounding loudly; while the person with merits is like the boundless sea, quiet and deep.

So we must find ways to overcome arrogance. When we feel proud, compared with those who have more accomplishments, we will find that there is still a long way. The wisdom of those eminent monks and Siddhas is like the sun, which could illuminate the whole world; while our wisdom and accomplishments are like an oil lamp, which can only light up the area before the eyes. Comparing like this, arrogance will automatically disappear. We can also consider that all accomplishments are the grant of the Guru and the Three Jewels, which can also correct arrogance.

When we feel timid, we can compare downwards. When comparing with those who have no achievements, we can be said to have some accomplishments, in that case, we will again gain confidence. We should have neither the mind of arrogance, nor the mind of timidity, because both are very harmful to us.

Everybody has the mind of self-attachment, such mind itself is a kind of arrogance. With self-attachment, there will be discrimination between self and others, and the people who we despise and the things which we frown upon. When you put yourself at the highest, your inner wisdom and merits have lowered to the lowest. If you always discriminate other people, thinking this one is good and that one not, and being very particular, this is also a kind of arrogance. In this case we should adjust our mind immediately, and overcome it according to the Guru’s teachings.

When you are able to put yourself at the lowest, you are actually at the highest, because the inner wisdom and merits are at the highest. The mind is like the broad ground, whether building houses or digging trenches on it, it will just accept it undisturbedly. With such attitude, it can be said that we have no arrogance.

The best way is to view high and low, arrogance and timidity as empty. If you are able to keep and hold your mind with the wisdom of emptiness, you will completely get rid of these conceptual thoughts. If temporarily you do not have such realization, through the method of comparing, you can also eliminate arrogance and timidity. Keep being moderate at all times, this is the key to success.

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