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When the Evil Condition Matures
« on: May 05, 2016, 07:09:25 pm »
 :r4wheel:Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche:

The reason why we are hurt, suffer pains or encounter obstacles is in fact caused by the bad karma we created before. In the past we have also hurt those beings like this, and made them suffer pains similarly, thus we are enduring these effects in our present life. These are all our own causes and effects, and are what we deserve.
If you have not created bad karma, and do not have evil connections with those beings, you will not endure such effects, nor will those beings come and hurt you. When encountering obstacles and suffering pains, we always want to escape, but it is actually inescapable. Once the conditions come, few of us can escape; for some people, maybe the condition has not yet come, they may escape but only temporarily.
If you really understand and firmly believe in causes and effects, your mind will not be moved by what happens, nor will those afflictions arise. In the past you have planted vicious causes and created evil connections, now the causes and conditions are mature, and there will naturally be such effects. Since all is caused by the karma you created before, there is no excuse for you to complain about or hate other beings. If you want to complain, complain about yourself; if you want to hate, hate yourself.
Besides, this is also an opportunity to end destiny and repay debts. At this time, if you can really face it calmly, or even know that you ought to confess the karmas you have created before, you will not hate those beings, including the so-called enemies. Like this, you will not create karma again, nor will you continue making evil connections with those beings. Otherwise, if you hate or even hurt them, then again you will have planted vicious causes and created evil connections, you will have committed bad karma once again, and will further endure the effects in the future … the so-called samsara is caused likewise.
All of us want to break away from samsara. Only by ending destiny and repaying debts, can we end life and death. While facing objects, if you can refrain from hating and stop creating karma, confess what you have committed before and hold a determination not to commit it again, and keep your mind calm, this is to end destiny and repay debts. Then such condition can be over and such debts can be settled, you will no longer suffer the miseries and pains, which is also to end life and death.

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