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While we were young, while they are old
« on: October 14, 2015, 12:06:52 am »
    After many people have got married and started their careers, and are capable of making livings, they neither consider their parents nor take care of them. Some people make an excuse like “I’m busy in working, busy in household…” No matter how busy you are, you cannot forget the favors given by your parents.

The favors from parents are tremendous, mainly including two kinds: one is the favor of giving you life, and the other is the favor of bringing you up.

The favor of giving you life. Without parents, there would not be your life, nor the person of you.

The favor of bringing you up. While you were unable to stand on your own feet and were unable to protect yourself, parents raised you up and protected you, caring about nothing. Parents tended you to grow up safely. Now your parents are old and weak, facing inconvenience in living, and unable to protect themselves, if you are doing nothing to save them from the sufferings but just standing by, is that fair? We should take the parents’ matter as the first thing in life and should take care of the parents by all means.

Today many people do not know to be grateful and repay the favors but only talking quite nicely, sometimes also buying something for the old parents. Old people, similar to children, are very easy to coax and cheat. If you buy something for them, they will be very happy and also defend the children:” It is all fine. My son works so busy! My daughter lives so far away from me!”

Think about it, before you were able to walk, if your parents did not take care of you but only came to see you casually and brought you some toys, would that be OK? If you grew up like this, then it is also OK even you treat your parents similarly, but it is impossible that you grew up that way. People shall be fair and righteous, which is a principle for being a human.

Today there are also many children who hate their parents, or even ignore their parents at all, why? Some said parents did not raise them, some said parents did not help them to go to elite universities and did not provide them excellent conditions….

Even not having raised you, at least the parents have given you the favor of giving you life. Who brought you to this world? Who granted you your treasurable life?

Further, why can’t you consider the difficulties your parents were facing? All parents are similar, who would prefer not to raise their children? You are a piece of flesh from her, if she were capable, how could she not raise you? When she was discarding you, she must have had great difficulties and had no other choice, and she must have felt very painful in her heart. Why can’t you consider about this? 

                                                                                                                                                —Khenpo Tamgrin Rinpoche


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