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Re: theravada monastery! Help please!
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Dear forum members!
i would like go to a buddhist monastery in the near future as a buddhist nun. i know Amaravati Monastery and i think it is a very good monastery. but i know it: they (the monastery) want two times i go to the monastery before i will live in the monastery. If i wanna be a female monk, they (the monastery) want i live two short times in the monastery because they want get to know me. after two times they adjudicate about i am living in the monastery as a female monk or no.
i have got a problem: maybe i can't go two times to the monastery because i have got work in my country and i don't want lost my work! i very need work. i need money.
i don't know informations about other monasteries. i just know informations about Amaravati. i would like know other monasteries who don't want i go to the monastery for two times before i will live in the monastery. i would like the monastery want just one time before i will live in the monastery.
i don't know two times is a buddhist tradition or no???? if two times is a tradition i think all monastery want i go to two times to the monastery before i will living in the monastery..... it would be a big problem. :(
thank you very much for the replies!
Lotus flower

I think if you go to Amaravati as a nun, they will ask you to renounce your money. I think you should be careful though in case it does not work out there that you do not wind up as a homeless person with no money. Maybe you have a very trustworthy relative who you could entrust you money to.

At Bhavana Meditation Society the monks and nuns are not required to renounce their money. They are located in High View, West Virginia. Here is a link.

I had a good experience with Bhavana Meditation Society. I would recommend them for your interest in becoming a nun. Also one can get an opportunity for study and meditation there as a lay person.

When you are in England I think there are a lot of Buddhist groups in the London area. You could try a search to learn more about opportunities in the London, England area.
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