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Burning Eyes
« on: October 06, 2012, 12:18:34 pm »
Burning Eyes

Hey guys,

Here's a very interesting paranormal tale from Tsem Rinpoche that he heard from his mother's childhood. It's quite an amazing tale and it kinda reminds me of the famous Japanese story called Hoichi's tale. It's amazing what the little ritual of writing the sacred text on Rinpoche's mother could do to protect her. I believe the story is real and the strange entity with burning eyes. I wonder what kind of being that is. What do you guys think?


(From the Youtube description)
In this episode, Rinpoche gives us an insight to what we can expect from this blog. Rinpoche also explained where his interests in the paranormal stemmed from.

To mark this special beginning of the blog, Rinpoche decided to share a chilling story of his late mother's childhood strange experience with a creature with burning eyes during the 2nd World War in Yugoslavia.

Imagine a ten- year-old child coming into contact with a black tall dark figure that had "fires" for eyes. Now, imagine what the family had to do in order to protect this very child. The outcome is both surprising and luminous.


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