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Tenzin Zangpo Rinpoche (04/04/2016)
« on: April 08, 2016, 01:54:12 am »
Today is the traditional Tomb-Sweeping Day. In addition to remembering our deceased family members, what else can we do to show our love?

In fact, I do not only miss my mother during the Dharma assemblies, the festivals or Han Chinese’s Tomb-Sweeping Day.

My mother passed away when I was eleven. After I left her and was taken to Sedeng Monastery to get ordained, I could only meet my mom for briefly several days each year. From the perspective of worldly family relationships, the amount of time that my mother and I gathered together was very limited, but among my family members, she has the deepest relationship with me because up till now I can still feel the education and warm given by her. I can still remember clearly all the happy moments that she spent with me. Until now, whenever I encounter obstacles in Dharma practice, feel hungry, painful, and cold, as well as get sick, I think of my mother. Especially when I was little, at Sedeng Monastery the people who accompanied me only include the elder lamas, khenpos, monastery keepers, and many young lamas who learned Tibetan language and studied Buddhist classics together, so I missed my mom limitlessly, and these moments were inseparable and unforgettable to me.

According to Han regions’ classics, Shakyamuni gave Dharma talk to his mom in the Trāyastriṃśa heaven, and Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha went to save his mother in the hell. These are Buddhas and Bodhisattvas’ ways of filial piety and transference for the deceased. Then what we humans should do to show filial piety and to transfer the consciousness of the dead?

Every time before I start to listen to or give Dharma talk, I always say that all beings in this world used to be our parents, so to save them and enable them to obtain temporary happiness and achieve absolute Buddhahood, we should listen to the Dharma attentively and later practice the Dharma diligently! At this time, I would think of my mother. I always tell myself that I want to save her, and I want to save all the beings that are in sufferings. I cannot give up for the sake of my pleasure and enjoyment. My mom has passed away for twenty-two years, but I have never stopped missing her. During all the Dharma assemblies, Dharma transmission or morning and night chanting sessions, I pray and transfer the merits to her. Therefore, the transference of the consciousness of our deceased family members should be long-lasting and never stopped.

You can make vows that the people you love can liberate from sufferings, and they can listen to and practice the Dharma diligently as you do. To realize these, you can do many things. According to your situations, you can choose to make offerings to the Three Jewels, offer butter lamps, chant sutras, recite the names of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, chant mantras, make offerings to hungry ghosts and transfer them, hang wind-horse flags, transcribe sutras, as well as help those poor people. Later in the future when you do good deeds, you have to make vows deep from your heart that you transfer these merits to your deceased members and all beings, hoping that the dead can get away from sufferings and go to the pure land based on these merits. You also hope that your parents and relatives alive can maintain a healthy, peaceful, and auspicious life. Although our ancestors have been dead for thousands or hundreds of years, as long as we transfer the merits to them devoutly, we can benefit them. Moreover, it is never late to help them if we want to. No matter how long ago they died, we can do something truly helpful to them.

However, on this day of remembering the deceased members, we can never kill beings, such as kill chickens and fishes to honor them, which is no different to adding sufferings to the dead.

The power of the mind is immense. Your vows can connect with the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, as well as the family members and relatives who passed away. As long as you persevere in helping them from the bottom of your hearts, the dead will definitely obtain absolute liberation and this way of showing your love works for them. It is crucial that you have to do this, and keep doing so in the long-term without stops. It is not a burden, but rather for Mahayana Buddhist disciples the best way of showing love to your deceased members and the best method of helping the beings.


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