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Title: Tenzin Zangpo Rinpoche (22/08/2016)
Post by: Pang on August 24, 2016, 08:36:28 am
If we do not study well the outer preliminaries, our Dharma study would be very hard, and we might not even make progress! To study the Dharma, many people have sacrificed a lot and have tried hard for a long time. They have offered incense and prostrated themselves to the Buddha. They have paid pilgrimage to many holy places, sat for meditation, chanted mantras and sutras, and even have practiced five outer preliminaries, but haven’t practiced well. As a result, they are still concerned about worldly fortune, beauty, fame, and benefit as before. They still have the same clingings to family, life, work, relatives, friends, and enemies as before, and they generate the greed and hatred at any time. Their mind is full of worries, and they are mentally exhausted. If we studied the Dharma this way, it would be very hard to obtain any good results. (
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