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Dharma Talks on Ch'an
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The Late Tripitaka and Dhyana (Ch'an) Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, Founding Grandmaster of City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (Talmage, California) and Dharma Realm Buddhist Association. The Elder Master Hsu Yun transmitted the Dharma lineage to him, giving him the Dharma name Hsuan Hua, meaning "Proclaim and Transform" and making him the Ninth Lineage Holder of the Guiyang School of Ch'an, the 45th Generation since Mahakashyapa. 
Ch'an: The Essence of All Buddhas
Ven Hsu Yun's Enlightenment
Song of Enlightenment
On Investigating the "Hua Tou"
When the Nature is in Samadhi...
What is Ch'an Meditation? How Do I Do It?
The Method of Ch'an
Ch'an Dharma Talks

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Re: Dharma Talks on Ch'an
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Thank you, Thornbush. I needed that. I have book marked it and shall read more as time goes on.

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Re: Dharma Talks on Ch'an
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Re: Dharma Talks on Ch'an
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Great links..thank you very much...
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