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Title: The most basic forms of Zen
Post by: BlackLooter on February 27, 2016, 07:38:34 pm
I think that without the mysticism and Koans of Zen..that the basic formula is quite easy

Focus directly on a thing..and never let go...

So that you focus on new things..everything is taken apart frame by frame...and enlightenment is the transcendence of these frames of motion and being..thus that Zen enlightenment is a Koan in of itself..of the shelf life of which we can take books..but only at the appropriate time..the frames are realization and the koans true... So that we have a sabbatical or a wise Djinn..or urge to continue with the Buddha..but the very always about concentration on the want and lusts of time..which are cages of tangible and enlightened which we might say Jehovah is real..but we may also be atheists..only in our posture could it come true.. In saying this..I am calling straight a path that we don't have any gay appeal..but maybe the homosexual..would have a divine nature as well..As a lesbian I object to this..but as a man I am heterosexual..and that type of identification is zen..and in the unlearning of the behavior of Child..I am learning to be pristine.. in and out of lust of the mediation ideals...and Chakras and Mandalas.. from which all things come and go..inside the time bell..and of the awareness of the ringing of the bell..and the pulling of the rope..towards which we get a transcendental conversation with our former selves..and an awareness of the projection of the future..from our self here now!

The current is an a river..or a thunder..or storm..of a cloud that is grey and white at the same time..But can we ever have more frames of perception..and witnessing? I leave it up to you..As Adam.. I know I am Eve..and As Eve I know Im Adam..and we make choices from there..towards the witnessing of time..and event, matter and mind, Universe and spirit!

So that the attachments of time have a forlorn place in the common causation of the cessation of which we all want to limit or negate...but the negative is a reality as well..and it is perfect as a perturbed stream..of Odyssey. Of witnesses of Olympus...and particulars like being creative in the present now. Thus as we coming together as Grammar and affection..of which we form a convection oven..and stove cook the essential ingredients that we need...

But do we need anti-depresents...Or Am I as a Buddha A Hitherto Drug user for sport and recreation?

I ask you honest a Buddha and Bodhisattva; Thus sitting under the Bodhi tree...of the representation of all life...which is the tree of life of the Kabbalah! And leaves are divine in time, much like lotuses...which sit in proper perfect position in and out of the dots of time..and lines and dimensions of all things!

The Dragon arises in and out of Kung Fu..ands creates as if a Buddha in the wind! The creation is a meta-storm..of thunder and the degrees of which we must apply... Are ye only an amount of frames combined into experience..and towards the coming November..of the awareness of time..

Thus I have a cancelling of awareness....but that is the one thing that shouldn't be...

Can we really stay aware all the time?

Well I forgoe that task..and get lost in enlightenment..of the Satoria..and proper Golden chains of enlightenment of the witnessing of Muses and Buddhas..towards the Bodhisattvas..and the conditions of time as a barrel with one hole in it..or many holes there in making it more empty than it was before..but still in the same condition as a circular oval...or cylinder..

And that is the geometric connection in time..which is just like the Jewish Mystical a Feature of mandalas..and the star of David..indeed any religion studied with concentration could be called Zen!!

And I ask you this..could you say that there is something that is not an appeal of matter and time?

In whole Serendipity and coincidental logic..this is the sublime truth..I am and have never been before..but am after...and beginning at once..into the cosm...of bitter truth..which is our apple blossom of an enlightened seed and fruit..

Thus we will have enlightenment for all people and existence and essence..Amen..
Title: Re: The most basic forms of Zen
Post by: NoEssentialNature on April 12, 2016, 01:26:10 pm
To be honest, you sound high rather than awakened.

I think that without the mysticism and Koans of Zen..that the basic formula is quite easy

Then you haven't looked. Who are you?
Title: Re: The most basic forms of Zen
Post by: aboddhisattva on May 04, 2016, 04:09:56 pm
Title: Re: The most basic forms of Zen
Post by: aboddhisattva on May 04, 2016, 04:21:48 pm

A Zen Koan isn't a problem to be solved...  Most of the time, unless contrived, a Koan is just something to concentrate on - ta da - intellectual meditation... Try too hard to focus on the problem and you will lose focus!  Don't focus on the problem and you will lose focus...  But where are you when you concentrate on these things...  Focus...  that's the pure reality of 'koan'
Title: Re: The most basic forms of Zen
Post by: BlackLooter on May 02, 2017, 03:07:40 am
And there's nothing wrong with food for thought..

You will ultimately be choosing what you focus on basically..

As soon as something leaves's up to you to bring it back or let it a Navy man trying to throw a ring to his ship..or a sinking boat...spilling out water...
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