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Re: Working with Koans
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\I saw this as a picture of practice that is about honing the capacity for turning or insightful encounters at all moments. People need to be able to hope for more from Zen than to one day wear a shoe on their head with pride. I feel that would be better served by some blunter talking about koans and koan practice.

This was very well put and I think perhaps what I was grasping at in my attempt to say koans go beyond the strict traditional story with the tradition answer. Just like all of life should be zazen, all of life is a koan and truly there is only one koan of awakening. All other koans are but fingers pointing to the moon.  Perhaps I might be better to say that all of life is a mystery that goes beyond explanation, that is everything (the five aggregates) is emptiness. Just leave koans and their baggage out of it!

I apologize for the majority of my earlier posts about Zen. I became enamored with one perspective and the delusion that I "get it".  Now, I try to see there are many different points of view and none fully grasps the ungraspable. "There is no path, no wisdom, no attainment." -The Heart Sutra.


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